And the Best Friends award goes to Rose and Allie! Rose booked this photoshoot as a gift to her dear friend, Allie, who – by the way – deserves the world. Rose these sweet girls even got their hair and makeup done by Be Pretty specifically for this shoot. HOW FUN! *casual hint to all my friends to do this for me*

From sorority sisters to best friends that cheer each other on through life’s unexpected, changing seasons, these ladies are warriors and soul mates. Rose and Allie are full of life and love. Even as I pulled in the driveway, they ran outside to greet me and welcome me into Rose’s home. It was amazing to see how excited these girls were for this shoot. It makes my job that much more rewarding. Having others excited to see me makes me even more excited to see them. 

These ladies were no strangers to the camera. They are not scared to laugh at each other, make funny faces, or act like total divas. It was as if Serena and Blair from Gossip Girl entered my frame. 

It is so fun when you don’t have to strategically pose your clients. It is more enjoyable when I am able to capture who my clients really are and how they act in real life. From drinking wine on the screened in porch, to sipping coffee on rocking chairs, to cozying up in a blanket, I got to capture real moments of Rose and Allie interacting with one another.

This photoshoot taught me to remember to never take my friends for granted, to intentionally be present and to always try and capture the special moments. 

They are a true testament as to why you should document these times in your lives. Time flies whether we want it to or not and making these memories last as lifetime is priceless. 


Annnnnd the Best Friend Award goes to . . . ROSE!