I first met Kayla and Colin at local café in Charlotte. We talked over coffee and avocado toast about what they imagined their wedding day to be like. After they explained that they just wanted a small, intimate ceremony with the most important people in their lives, I wanted in. Then they showed me photos of their 3 fur babies, and I was over the moon. I think we knew we were a match once we figured out our love for dogs was mutual. I also learned that they host a killer cookout and am still awaiting for my invite. 

Fast forward to their wedding day . . . Kayla was in her white robe, Colin with his boys sipping on beers, and I was hobbling around in a boot with my strained ankle. As the sun was beating down with no clouds in sight, I continued to stay hydrated while limping to and from the bridal suite and groom’s loft to capture sweet details and candids.

Before Kayla saw her father for the first time, I had the pleasure of speaking with him. As he fell into tears with no one else around, he began to tell me how proud he was of Kayla and her sister, who btw is now in the military. He spoke so highly and felt genuine joy for this next chapter. Watching those tears of joy fall, I was reminded of why I love this job so much. I get to capture the celebration of sacrifice and love. Not only the love of the bride and groom and the sacrifices they will learn to make for one another, but also the love friends and family have for the couple and the sacrifices made by the guests to even be able to attend the wedding. With that being said, my conversation with Kayla’s father is one I will never forget. It reminded me how special these images are and how delicate and treasured they will be in the hands of the father of the bride. 

Though this day was simple, the joy and emotion was unconditional. After Kayla and Colin kissed for the first time as husband and wife, smiles and tears filled the hot, sunny air. Before they knew it, guests were blowing bubbles and Kayla Ireland officially became a Krasen. The wedding was planned with the most minimum details, but it was a day of infinite love and maximum gratitude.  Some of my very favorite images lie in this gallery. I cannot wait to swoon over them over and over as I just can’t get enough.

Photographer: Charlotte Wedding Photographer, Stephanie Bailey Photography

Venue: Johnson carriage house Mooresville NC

The Krasen’s | Johnson Carriage House Mooresville NC