I am taking a new photography course, which has taught me to use completely different manual settings (ISO, shutter speed, and aperture). Since these settings are a foreign language to me, I needed a couple to test my new skills on – desperately. Ana, one of my dearest friends, jumped at this chance and grabbed her BF, Mark, to join in. After a few gulps of a mixed drink, in a red solo cup, this duo was ready to pose in front of the camera while being extra patient with me as I stumbled around these new settings. Shout out to Charlotte’s most popular, Frazier park, for being the backdrop of this festivity.

It was trial and error on my end and quick kisses, long giggles, and slow walks on their end. Thanks A + M for allowing me to be the FIRST photographer to ever couple portraits of y’all. xoxo

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Ana + Mark | Couple Portraits in Charlotte