Erin is my spirit animal. I felt right at home in her professionally decorated house. I seriously want to move in. Erin is full of life and lives on her own terms and conditions unapologetically. I first met Erin at Orangetheory Fitness, but we reconnected when our mutual friend referred Erin to me to photograph her holiday cards.  

Erin is a single mother to two fur babies, Bean and Henry. Of course they are rescues because that is just the loving person Erin is! Let me tell you, these dogs are treated like royalty in the Cross home. Both have their own seasonal wardrobe to say the very least. Bean, the pit bull mix, looks best in pearls, faux fur and painted nails. Henry is known for his perky, fox ears, signature bow ties, and strong 3 legs. Yup, he is a tripod dog!!  But his deceased leg doesn’t faze him. Henry can run in circles from sunrise to sunset for crying out loud!

I had a blast documenting Erin and her kiddos while bonding over our past stories, where we are now, and our passion for life. You can follow her fashion icons by following them on Instagram @TheEdnaBean @TheHenryFox.


Erin + Fur Babies + Christmas = OBSESSED