Cass and Dylan tied the not last year during the peek of Covid. However, they did not want the pandemic to stop them from celebrating with their closest friends and family. Therefore, these newlyweds celebrated their first seven months of marriage by dressing back up in their wedding gear on January 1st. As they originally planned, they hosted their wedding celebration at the Evergreen Plantation in South Carolina.

Although it POURED rain all day with no sun in sight, Cass and Dylan remained calm and still radiated joy! They are just too in love to have a bad attitude even when everything that could go wrong went wrong. It was a true testament of their love for one another and those around them! Thanks to the Evergreen Plantation wedding venue for hosting these goofy love birds during this crazy time!


Photography: Charlotte Wedding Photographer, Stephanie Bailey Photography

Venue: Evergreen Plantation

Florist: Rachel Woodhams

Videographer: Courtney Vaughan Sugar Peach Productions

Caterer: Nita Hill

Planner: Toshia Leisten

Makeup: Ryana Wilson

DJ: Jumping Jukebox

Evergreen Plantation Wedding | The Taylor’s