My honest opinion . . . 

Picking a photographer for your wedding, is one of the most important decisions you will make for your day. These photographs will not just be for you to post on your social media. These images will be displayed on your walls for everyone to see. Your wedding gallery will forever be an irreplaceable heirloom. Not only will the photographs be with you for a very long time, but so will your photographer. Your photographer will be stuck to your hip throughout your entire wedding day. Chances are, you’re going to spend more time with your photographer than with your maid of honor.  So do not choose someone who you don’t vibe well with!

Meet with your photographer before you sign that contract. Is the photographer honest about their past experience? Do they seem confident enough to capture all the small and big moments? Do they ask about you and your story? Does the photographer seem genuine and interested in who you are as a person?

Trust is HUGE! Pick someone who you can relate to and easily converse with. Your photographer may be one of the only people who you can talk to about your nerves and emotions. During your wedding day, you need someone by your side who you to feel comfortable confiding in. 

Take time to choose a photographer who actually cares more about creating timeless images than they do about their own packages and policies. Getting married is one of the bravest decisions you will ever make. You need someone with you throughout your day, seizing all the moments of your perfect love story, and who understands just how courageous you are. 

A wedding day is messy. You need a photographer who isn’t scared of a little chaos and knows how to handle it all in a professional, kind way. 

A few other things . . . 

Don’t forget to base your decision off of the photographer’s style too. Do you prefer airy, natural, moody, de-saturated style or a little in between? Make certain that your styles match up! 

Research their portfolio! Do you like the way they shoot and pose their couples? Can you tell if there are real moment captured? Do their photos tell a story?

Are they worth the price tag? Check out what is included in each of the photographers’ packages. Are there any “add-on” options like second shooters, additional hours, tangible albums, engagement sessions and bridal portraits? 

Anything else you can think of? Let me know!! Email me what you loved about your photographer or those things that you didn’t really like. I would love to hear it all! 




How to choose a Wedding Photographer