Gracie and Garrett and their Threshold Church Wedding!

It goes without saying that Gracie is an utter beauty, but that is not all. Her heart is just as gorgeous. She is so kind to literally everyone. Gracie continued to be so thankful for everyone during the entire wedding process up until the big day.

Gracie and I went to the same high school. Although she was a year younger than me, every knew everyone. We were never close or hung out in the same circles, but luckily we were reunited when I saw her name come through my emails to inquire about her 2020 wedding. We began with the most fun and meaningful conversation over the phone (Gracie and Garrett now live in Alabama). Just weeks before the wedding, I photographed Gracie’s bridals at the McGill Rose Garden in Charlotte. The big day was held at Threshold Church in Matthews.

The wedding day was the first time I met Garrett. Although it was my first time being around Gracie’s now husband, he is a dream and then some. Gracie and Garrett go hand and hand. Both genuine souls, God fearing and grounded humans. It is always so crazy how two people are literally just meant to be. Gracie and Garrett are a testimony to that.

The day began in makeup chairs, adjusting boutonnières, walking down the aisle and ended with quite a lengthy (Gracie and Garrett would laugh at that adjective), yet heart warming toast by the father of the bride. There was a large circle of friends and family dancing until the music stopped playing. Of course there was also a traditional line up of sparklers to send the newly weds off to the Grand Bohemian in Uptown Charlotte.

It was a very good day celebrating the most deserving couple. Until the next love story . . . enjoy the Greers!


Catering: Something Classic

Flowers: Silvias Florist

Cake: Baked Well

Hair: Amber Stewart

Makeup: Olivia Helms

Dress: New York Bride and Groom

Venue: Threshold Church

Photography: Charlotte Wedding Photographer, Stephanie Bailey Photography

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