Let’s talk about wedding albums – not the digital kind – but the high resolution images printed in a mindfully and beautifully handcrafted book. If you are undecided on whether or not a wedding album is worth the investment, hang in there and stick with me for the next few mins! By the end of this episode you will realize how incredibly important it is to ALSO purchase a wedding album from your photographer.

I have gathered all my unorganized thoughts on this topic and listed 6 reasons why wedding albums are worth the investment.

  1. Wedding albums preserve your memories in a tangible way
  • Do you want to have to look at a screen to relive the best day of your life? You already spend enough time mindlessly scrolling on social media and through emails. Your wedding photos deserve more than to just be forgotten in the cloud. Your wedding deserves to be displayed and showcased proudly…I mean you sure as heck paid for that didn’t you? or did you just pay thousands of dollars just to continue to look at your phone or computer screen?
  • There is something about being able to touch and feel a printed album. You are able to hold it and sit down with your partner, family and friends and go through it page by page.
  • Your photos deserve a spot on your coffee table or in your living room for everyone to flip through and gawk over.
  • It was worth investing in a photographer so why not invest in preserving those memories forever?

2. Wedding albums tell a story

  • I offer only custom design albums…meaning your images will be organized in a story telling way – chronologically. This way you will be able to relive the day in the exact way it all played out. From the details, to getting ready, to the first looks, to the butterflies right before the ceremony, to all the portraits and celebratory reception dances!
  • You will relive it scene by scene . . . memory by memory.

3. Technology is unpredictable and ever changing

  • I don’t think I need to tell you about how technology is literally changing every day. But remember when there was VHS video and tapes? or floppy discs? Well those are basically long gone now. Even if you backup ALL your images on a USB flash drive or another hard drive (which I do STRONGLY recommend)….those drives may not be around in the next 10 to 20 years, but your physical album will.
  • Not to mention, the worst case scenario – your hard drives crash and your computer is stolen. Luckily, you will still have the highlights of your wedding day preserved in your keepsake photo album.
  • Technology will change, but a beautiful handcrafted album won’t.

4. Wedding albums are a heirloom to pass down to generations

  • One of my all time favorite things to do, is to flip through my parents’s wedding photo album and prints, which is literally all they have left from their wedding. They did not receive digital photos back then – just the album and a few prints to relive their special day. But that is all they need really.
  • Not to mention all the other countless photo albums my family has curated over the passed 30+ years.
  • I absolutely adore all the times me and my family sit on my grandparent’s couch and go through all our childhood memories and generations before us….just by flipping through photo albums.
  • Call me old fashion, but I would call photo albums timeless since ours have lasted over 30 years and counting.

5. It’s your legacy

  • Wedding planning is not a simple or cheap task and although wedding packages that include an album may seem expensive . . . you should still consider having one.
  • Think about your children and grandchildren. Having a wedding album is the BEST way to tell your story – the love story of how your family began.


  • You probably spent a good chunk of your wedding budget on your photographer – which you should do. So why do you need to spend more money on your images that you already paid for?
  • When you order prints or an album through your photographer, you are ensuring those images will be printed or designed in a photo album that is with premier quality.
  • Your photographer will make sure your images are printed with the best of the best – so that your images are sharp and beautifully printed….which will last forever!!!
  • A wedding album is something you will treasure forever.
  • The book will hold your very favorite memories of one of the happiest days of your life. The images will be kept safe and preserved. You will show it to all your family and friends when you have them over. And every so often you will reach for it to relive your wedding day another time.
  • Let’s face it, I barely recall what I did last weekend. I highly doubt I will remember every single detail of my wedding. Photos and keepsake albums are the perfect way to bring all those forgotten memories back into focus.

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Why are wedding albums worth the investment?