Before I dive into the many reasons, I want to say thank you. Thank you for taking interest in me..If you are a current or past client, thank you for investing in me and my dream. Thank you to every single person who has supported me, taught me, challenged me and believes in me.

So why am I raising my prices now and probs will continue to….?


They take out 30% of my income. I need to charge more so more $ actually goes into my pocket. I am still a single, twenty-something year old who has to pay bills, invest in her business, and follow her dreams. It is what it is LOL. 

I am worthy of the price tag

I have worked endless hours, invested money from my savings, learned from other professionals, and taken leaps out of my comfort zone. I know that the photography business is saturated with photogs charging low prices to attract more clientele. However, I know my numbers and I know what I need to make in order to keep doing this thing. I am raising my prices so that I am getting the value I believe my hard work deserves. There will always be a photographer cheaper than me and others more expensive, but there is only one of me.

My clients even tell me that I need to raise my prices. So why have I hesitated for so long? . . . I’ve been scared people will no longer want to work with me because of my price tag. Recently, I have realized I shouldn’t be scared because I am confident that my work and passion is good and worth way more than the dollar sign. 

Photos last forever so why not spend a little extra on forever?

I understand that personal finances are difficult. Life happens and life costs way too much money than it should – especially around wedding season. But I dobelieve that capturing moments is important. You can’t put a price tag on photos that will last you a lifetime. To put it in perspective, you purchase a $100 massage that lasts one hour, you purchase an outfit for $150 that you wear maybe 3 times, and you purchase random other crap that is only temporary. Photos are not temporary. You can print them, save them online, share them, and hang them on your walls. Whether you move homes, grow old, or lose your memory, you have images that bring you back to the moment you graduated college, said “I do”, or just felt freakin’ good. Photographs lasts you forever. So, why not spend a little extra on forever? 

I know I cannot be everything to everyone, but I don’t want to be. I just want to portray myself as worthy to everyone. PLEASE note that this is not a significant increase in price range, but it is an increase nevertheless.

With all that being said, please know that I am flexible and will do my best to accommodate all your needs. If a package doesn’t have every little thing you wished for, let me know. We are all human and I am not perfect, but I will do my very best to be the perfect photographer for you.

My hope and prayer is that my current and past clients, who really value working with me, will stick with me on this journey even with new prices. I also hope that potential clients will view my prices as attractive and view me as a professional who values photography and is oh so passionate about what she does and loves every minute of it.  




Why have I raised my prices?