This was an evening full of kisses, hugs, champagne, confetti and laughter. Abbey and Will are high school sweethearts killing life one year at a time. After their first text messages back and forth, these two were hooked. The funny thing is, I got to witness the beginning of their relationship take off. We all graduated from the same high school, but just different years. Although I never dreamt of having them in front of my camera, it was a dream come true to document such a sweet season of their love story.

Since Will is in the Coast Guard, their relationship has faced the struggle of long distance, adjustment and learning how to figure out who they are without their other half next to them. Abbey has attempted to explain all the ins and outs of Will’s work, but I don’t think there are enough words to describe all the great things he does for her or this country.

Their relationship may be full of several months apart, questions that go unanswered and late night Facetime calls, but their love for one another has never wavered. The Lord is their foundation and the rock in which they step on to grow their relationship. When faced with challenges, Abbey and Will lean on Jesus to show up and provide. After all their time apart, they have continuously trusted the Lord’s plan for their future and fervently pray for the next chapter.

This sweet couple chose Abbey’s family neighborhood for their engagement session since it was the same place Will got down on one knee for the first and last time. It only seemed appropriate to reminisce on that sweet moment.

Abbey and Will were so adventurous, relaxed and excited to jump into a muddy pond for some stunning, romantic images. This session will forever be one of my top favorites with me just third wheeling it all the way through. Abbey and Will’s connection is so magnetic that I even felt gravity pulling me towards them.  I felt constant moments of pure amazement watching how easy it was for them to frolic and pose and dance and jump into dirty waters without one complaint. You got that right . . . Will never once complained about how long the shoot was or how many photos I was taking or how cold and wet he was from swimming. He was up for whatever was next. So the best advice I can give any single lady is this: Go find a man like Will and learn from Abbey’s elegant character and honest heart. You will go far in this life of ambiguity.

This gallery had me awing, oohing and wiping tears off my cheek. What beautiful people. What a beautiful place. What a beautiful thing God is doing.


Abbey + Will #JumpingForJoyner