My photography career is not only a business but a relationship with my clients. I believe that honesty is the foundation that makes or breaks relationships. Therefore, I want to be completely transparent about who I am, who I’ve been and where I see myself in 5 years. It is so important for every person who inquires with me to know exactly what they will get from me.

As of now, I have shot one wedding and one ceremony as the main photographer and I have shot 6 weddings as a second photographer. I have a handful of weddings booked for 2019 as the Main Photographer and as the Second Photographer. With every shoot, I continue to learn new techniques on how to control my camera and how to utilize light.

You will never find a photographer who is done learning. Every photographer has their own way shooting. Some have a specific list of poses they go by while others are more innovative and “go with the flow.” I think I am a little in-between! I love posed photos and also enjoy creating a space where my clients can feel free to be themselves for those real, candid moments.

I absolutely love learning from fellow photographers which is why I will never stop second shooting. Even when I become a full time photographer, I still want to be able to serve my fellow photographers. The more experience and exposure I have, the more comfortable and confident I am in my own work. I do not think anyone can have enough experience or exposure. In every type of career or job, the opportunities to learn is endless!

I will not fail my clients. I will do my absolute best to shoot what I am given and create an experience that only I can provide.

God told me to buy a camera in 2017. And when your Creator tells you to do something, you don’t question it or hesitate. He has continued to pave this beautiful path for me and it is clear what He wants me to do. He wants me to serve.

Jesus told me that I am created in His image. He told me that I can trust Him. So I will trust Him with my ability to photograph His creations and the beauty He crafted in you and me.

It can be hard to continually put my dreams in His hands. Often, I want to take control, pave my own way and even think that I can do it all on my own. But that way of living always leads to failure and my biggest fear is failure.

Jesus gave me these hands to shine Light on those who may not be able to find it. I want to expose the beauty that you are unable to see. He is so good and I am confident that He will not fail me; therefore, I will not fail you.

Jesus is the ultimate craftsman. I know He will create something incredible in your marriage or in yourself; your delivered gallery from me will prove that.

Why I feel confident doing this