There are so many chances. Chances to make a difference, make a change, make an impact. I believe we are all broken and impoverished. Some show it more distinctly or visibly than others. Jesus showed that He loved the poor just as much as the rich throughout the New Testament. He gave to the poor and treated them with elegance, kindness, and respect. I pass people each day, who are impoverished, but I just stand back or walk on by. Why? I am scared. I am also impoverished just in a different way. I deal with my own poverty, but this shouldn’t be an excuse to not be more like Jesus.

Every struggle, every tear, every mistake, every encounter, every disappointment is a chance to learn. To grow. To become the best version of yourself.

Life is too short to not try a little harder tomorrow. Life is temporary. Greet those around you with hugs that linger. Engage in conversations that bring joy to your soul. Laugh so hard that you get six-pack abs.

There are so many moments that pass me by where I had a chance to make an impact in someone’s life and chose not to. Like the times I have driven by a homeless man with a cardboard sign that says, “looking for a blessing.” Or the way I stroll pass the homeless woman who sleeps on the bench outside of my work. Why don’t I use moments like these to help those in need? Why don’t I use moments like these to share the hope that is only found in Christ? To be honest, I’m scared. But that is still no excuse.

Tomorrow I’ll have the same chance to make a difference, and I pray that I’ll be brave enough to take it in spite of whatever is going on in my own life. Despite every struggle, every tear, every mistake, every encounter, every disappointment. I will take it.

Everything and everyone is a gift. Unwrap it and wrap it back up carefully and with purpose.

I do hope to be something to someone. I don’t care if I make a big or small footprint in someone’s life. Every footprint matters.

I want people who cross my path to meet Jesus even when they are in a bottomless pit. I want to be a part of their journey to redemption even if they do not know my name. I’m fine with just being a shadow if it means that they learn to touch the sky by letting their knees fall to the ground in surrender at the foot of the cross.

People deserve the best of me even on days when I don’t have the best to give. Life is too temporary for excuses. Jesus always gave the best of Himself among His disciples. So tomorrow, I make this promise, to try harder to be more like Him.


An Opportunity For Impact