Sarah and Dakato were prepared for the day to say the least. They brought not two, not three, but four bags of outfit choices. It was hilarious and amazing! Shout out to amazon for providing the best portable changing room so that my people can change outfits even on the top of a mountain.

It has been a long time coming getting these two in front of my camera. Both being in the fitness industry and working insane hours, it has been difficult to find a time that works for all three of us. I am just so grateful that we finally nailed something down and life didn’t interrupt our plans. This was something that was a bit out of their comfort zone, but they were pros. Sarah and Dakato didn’t stray from who they are one bit. It is hard being comfortable in front of a camera if it is something you are not used to. But they didn’t have that problem at all. They were goofy, serious, fun, and energetic! It was everything I could have asked for. They were in the moment and stayed present with every click of the camera.

Just minutes before the shoot, it was pouring down rain – like the scary kind. As I was driving up to Craggy Gardens, I could barely see the yellow lines outlining the road ahead of me. It was so freakin foggy and I was scared the fog would either make or break this couple session. But long behold, it cleared right up once I parked and hugged my people.

We blasted music, laughed a lot and talked about life. I got them to pose what now looks like a country album, dance in the middle of the road, piggy back ride through a field and even do a remake of a scene from spiderman (that was their idea btw). 

As some of you know, this shoot was at a $200 discount. I know you probably think I am crazy and you fellow photogs probably think I am just throwing money away and my worth  – BUT – I didn’t do this specific shoot for the money. I did it to fill my soul, to remind me why I love photography, to give myself the opportunity to try new things, a chance to really do it for the love of the art and not the money. Although I was sick as a dog, I felt all the emotions. I was in the moment and remember what I felt when I snapped each of their images. It is a feeling that I never want to go away.

I cannot thank Sarah and Dakota more for driving to the mountains for the day to spend time with me. These are documented memories (along with feelings) that I am certain will last forever.




Sarah + Dakato Mountain Adventure