Margo and I connected over social media just like any other beginning of a friendship. With all the pitfalls of social media, I still believe the pros far outweigh the cons since it delivers people like Margo and Reid into my life. 

These animal lovers, camping fanatics and tattoo obsessed duo were straight up fire during our couple’s shoot. Not only did they bring both of their fur babies, but they also requested to play Taylor Swift throughout the entire session. So it is fair for me to say that they are my kinda people.

I had them lay in trees, climb on branched, roll in the grass, and dance in direct sunlight to create unique and timeless images. Most photographers would die before putting their couple in direct sunlight because it is just too risky. But I am not like the other photographers, I love a challenge, I love good shadows and I love experimenting. I cannot grow as a photographer is I don’t take risks and experiment with what I got. Plus, there were limited spots of shade in this giant field, so I didn’t have a choice really. 

Thank you Margo and Reid for introducing me to Blue and Anabell and for sacrificing your Sunday to hang with me in the mountains. Adventuring is fun with y’all and your fluffy family is one in a million. 


Craggy Garden with Margo + Reid