This past June, I got the honor to photograph Denisse and Ricardo during a styled shoot. I was randomly paired up with them and am forever thankful. They are truly a light in this world. Denisse and Ricardo have treated me with such respect and love. I received texts from them after my grandmother passed and continue to receive validation and encouragement from them. Their hearts are so good! I have watched them both walk with the Lord – hand in hand. It is a relationship that I admire and dream of having. I cannot compliment them more. They live their lives with such kindness, passion, drive, loyalty, love, and grace. It is unbelievably inspiring.

After our styled shoot together, our friendship didn’t end there. We continued to communicate through text and social media and I finally got the opportunity to photograph them again (and I hope not for the last time). 

Knowing that the shoot was in Asheville, Denisse and Ricardo decided to make a weekend getaway out of it. It was so freakin fun to hang with them in a more relaxing environment. Because we all know that styled shoots can be a bit chaotic and stressful with so many people and moving parts. It was refreshing to just have the 3 of us together exploring Craggy Gardens.

Since there was a wedding taking place in one of my favorite spots in Craggy Gardens, we didn’t get to adventure as far as I hoped. That being said, we caught the sunset at the PERFECT time. God chose the exact time for us to be there and he allowed me to capture some incredible images of these *almost* newly weds.

I do have to brag on Denisse and Ricardo just a bit more and say that they paid my full price for this shoot – knowing I was charging a $200 discount. They refused to pay the discounted rate. I mean how sweet is that? They believed in me and knew my worth. Gosh, I am so blessed with my clients and how supportive they are. 

Denisse and Ricardo, here’s to you . . . for making me always feel loved, cared for, and valued.


Denisse + Ricardo Sunset Session