Lexi has been in my life for years as my sister’s best friend since high school. Although I have never been super close with her, my sister has always spoken highly of her. She’s gushed about Lexi’s individuality, loyalty, humor, and immense heart. From what my sister has always told me, I knew that Lexi loves tattoos, art, and Harry Potter (Lexi even has a dog named Muggle). But most importantly, I knew that Lexi has been planning her wedding since high school.

Over the past couple years, she’s seen my photography journey and has been incredibly supportive. Since the start, she’s complimented my work and it’s meant the world to me, especially coming from her. Because if you know Lexi, you know that when she speaks highly of something, she truly means it!

When it came to the location of their engagement session, we went back and forth multiple times. After much research, we finally decided on Max Patch. I even got to spend the night with them the night before their engagement session in the coziest airbnb.

I crashed on a blow up mattress in their living room and we shared a one bathroom – that was not so private. So you could say we got super close super quick. The night before the shoot, we ventured into the small town of Hot Springs and found ourselves stumbling upon a hole in the wall coffee/ice cream shop that was the epitome of Shitt’s Creek (If you haven’t watched the show then you’re doing it wrong).

The next morning, still full from the night before, Cody mentioned that he thought the photoshoot was only 30 minutes when it was actually an hour. So yeah, he wasn’t so thrilled, but Lexi and I made it work.

The photoshoot itself was a bit crazy. I had Muggle (their dog) attached to my waist – pulling me and barking while the sun was glaring in their Lexi and Cody’s eyes. If you know anything about photography, you know most photographers hate direct sunlight and run from it. So yeah, I had a mini inner panic attack. But I love a good challenge and Lexi loves unique images.

In the end, I couldn’t be happier with the photos. Her reaction (tears of joy) and my sister’s praise made it all worthwhile. I’m so thankful to have a gift that I can share with friends who are just like family.

Lexi + Cody Sunny Mountain Sesh