I met Cassandra, who likes to go by Cass, and Dylan over instagram. They reached out to me shortly after I photographed Abbey and William’s wedding. When they inquired about their wedding day and told me they were friends with Abbey and William, I wanted in because I know that Abbey and William surround themselves with the best of the best people. So I just knew these guys were going to be such a light.

We officially met over Facetime – chatting about our passions, love for Christ, our testimonies, and where they see themselves in this world. Just the way that they treated each other, made my heart smile. They are make me laugh so hard and are the epitome of genuine souls. I even shared bits and pieces about my story and how Jesus found me in my darkest place. It is safe to say that I felt unjudged and accepted by them – even with my dark past.

I knew I wanted to take this relationship to a level that matters.

Originally, we decided to go to Pilot Mountain in the beginning of November. But of course, it was pouring that day and we had to reschedule. The only other time that I had available and would be able to make it to the mountains was while I was in Max Patch for Lexi and Cody’s engagement session the following few weeks.

Fast forward to the day of the shoot. Right when they arrived, they squeezed me and began cracking jokes.

If i could describe Cass and Dylan in one word – it would be goons. And I mean that in the best way possible.

To say that I cannot wait for their wedding day would be an understatement because I know that it will be a day that will transform Cass and Dylan as a couple – as well as myself as a person. I am faithful and expectant that the Lord is going to be so present and shine through them both as well as through me.

Max Patch Engagement Session | Cassandra and Dylan