I first met Shannon when she entered the LBP Natural Light Studios for her Boudoir shoot. When she walked through the door, she immediately embraced me while apologizing for forgetting my cupcake. Her heart is so big that she planned to give me a cupcake as a thank you gift. As my heart exploded, I assured her that I would have never expected her to get me anything – much less a cupcake. But don’t worry, Shannon and I WILL be hanging out again soon and we will share that cupcake! 

Shannon is one of those people who radiates energy and can make anyone feel more alive. She brings so much joy and passion wherever she goes. Her desire to encourage others to better their heart, mind and soul is evident in her character and in her career. Shannon is the general manager at Cyclebar and an instructor at Pure Barre. If you have taken classes at either of those studios, you know the instructors have a major drive to inspire and motivate their members. 

Shannon spends all her days cheering on her clients, encouraging others to keep pushing on when the going gets rough, to smile through all the pain, and to remember that there is always something to be thankful for. It is amazing to watch someone put their own words into practice. I got to watch Shannon bare her body, unleash her vulnerable side, and confidently look in the mirror and say “I am good enough.” While Shannon encourages her clients to be who they are and admit they are beautiful, she puts her own advice into action. She is strong, brave, and confident lady and she will have laughing and feeling so loved the moment you meet her. 

I am so happy I got to build this new friendship off of such an intimate experience. We definitely got close real quick if ya know what I mean. I truly cannot wait to learn more about Shannon and how she can impact my life just as she’s impacted so many others. 

Now please scroll and drool over her hotness then go and take a Cyclebar and Pure Barre class. You will not regret getting your butt kicked by this ball of energy!

Shannon’s Sassy Session