From experience, I know the college life is hard and the life after it is not easy either. In every season of life, there are decisions you are forced to make. Some choices lead to good outcomes and others lead to not-so good outcomes.

You have the choice of taking your first shot of fireball or taking that last shot of tequila.

You have the choice to say no to a one night stand.  

You have the choice to be kind rather than snappy when you’re in a sore mood.

You have the choice to volunteer on Thursday nights instead of binge watching Netflix.

You have the choice to choose an apple over potato chips or water over soda.

You have the choice to wake up early or waste half your day in bed.

You have a choice to obey your parents.

You have a choice to study or smoke pot with friends.

You have a choice to love when the world seems to hate.

You have a choice to call 9-1-1 after you are sexually assaulted.

You have a choice to save your money rather than wasting it.

You have the choice to get down on your knees and beg Jesus for forgiveness, mercy and grace.

At 16, I chose to be of the world and experiment with alcohol, drugs and my body. At 17, I slowly became addicted to anything that would numb my emotions. At 18, I was on my own, relying solely on myself as I entered the world of college.

From day one of college, I chose alcohol over everything. I chose boys over friends. I chose social hierarchy over personal growth. I chose addiction over health. I chose destruction over restoration. I chose to believe lies over the truth.

Yet, God still pursued me. He led me to the Dominican Republic and allowed me to see Him clearly, and become transformed by His love.

At 20, I found Jesus in the midst of depression and anxiety. I found myself smiling when I had nothing to smile about. The Holy Spirit brought me so much peace when things didn’t go as I planned. Although I hope things will work out the way I intended them to, I am no longer sad, angry or discouraged when life doesn’t go my way. I choose to believe the truth and that is, Christians are meant for better things than what the enemy leads us to believe.

Maybe you are making poor decisions because it is all you have ever known. Maybe you do things because everyone around you does it, so it seems like there is no other choice. Maybe you do not agree with the choices you are making. Maybe you enjoy your poor decision making skills. If that is the case, then that’s fine. But maybe you wish that society was not what it is. If that is the case, there is an alternative in the world you find yourself lost in or even blind to. There is a supernatural power that is eternal. There is grace to heal your brokenness.

Scripture never depicted that God said life would be easy. He clearly stated, “. . . in me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

He did not intend for you to live life without trials or sorrows. But He did intend for you to find peace in Him alone. Jesus paid your debt. So, take courage and fight the good fight like Paul did in order to fulfill the prophecy of God. (1 Timothy 4:7) The book of John tells us that God does not and will not treat us as the world treats us. The book of Acts explains that we must all endure hardships to enter the kingdom of God so that our faith is stronger and our relationship with God becomes deeper. God will not allow temptations to be more than what we can handle. You are created by the hands of God. Do not let anything stop you from honoring your Creator. The Lord will lead us all triumphantly if we choose to follow Him. If we let go of our egos, if we admit we are broken and in need of a savor; we can experience true peace and the fullness joy. The choice is yours. No one can make it for you. I can only plant a seed. Only God can make it grow.


You have a choice