Paige and Tyler have been dating for over 4 years. How they met? Well, Paige initially told me that they met in college at a bar. Just your average tale. Little did I know that the renowned app, Tinder, played stupid cupid in their love story. They were too embarrassed to tell friends and family that they met on an app that has a “booty call” stereotype that surrounds it. Unlike all the rated R stories you’ve already heard about Tinder, Paige was Tyler’s one and only date from Tinder, and Tyler was Paige’s. One swipe to the right was all it took to pull these two lovebirds together.

On August 11, 2018, Tyler decided to officially take Paige off the market. Tyler thought through every minor detail of how he would propose, from finding the location, to ensuring the sun would set just right, and tying fishing line to the engagement ring. Yes, fishing line is right.

It is not your average getting on one knee and whipping out a diamond kind of story. This one will have you cracking up and wishing it was all caught on video. It still has me murmuring, “Tyler, what were you thinking?” But don’t worry, Paige was able to giggle out the word “yes” right in time for the fishing wire to pour out of Tyler’s pocket.

Without further ado, here’s Paige and Tyler’s engagement story . . .

While they were at Carolina Beach with his family, Tyler planned to get down on one knee. From the beginning of their relationship, Paige wanted to proposal to be a surprise!  But from the start of vacation, Paige knew something was off since Tyler kept asking if she loved him and looking back on it now, she knows why.

It is a tradition with Tyler’s family to cook dinners at home on vacation. But this year, Tyler’s mom suggested to make new traditions. So instead, they decided to go out to eat at a restaurant called, Jack Mackerels, which was one of Paige and Tyler’s first dates. His mom also suggested that they take a two-mile hike to see the sunset around the back water of Kure Beach where “the Hermit” lived centuries ago. (“The Hermit” was an old man that lived in a shack that he made in the late 1800’s early 1900’s aka a homeless person like 100 years ago). Little did Paige know that “the Hermit” was actually no longer alive. Yup! Jokes on her! Tyler’s mom even made up this whole story about, when they were kids, Tyler and his siblings would always go to this one spot to watch the sunset. Paige believed every word.  

While Paige was getting ready for dinner, Tyler’s dad ran out to pick up an engagement cake and Tyler went in his mom’s room tying fishing wire to the engagement ring. Why? Well the plan was to propose on this boardwalk and he was scared he would drop it in the sand or slip through the cracks.

Once they all arrived at the restaurant, Tyler went straight to the restroom where he fiddled with the ring in his pocket to make sure fishing wire wasn’t sticking out. Could you imagine the questions Paige would ask him if that happened?

Oh and when the waiter asked what they all wanted to drink and Tyler just blurted out, “A shot!” Obviously, this made Paige think something strange was going on with him.

After they finished dinner, Paige, Tyler and his family rushed to catch the sunset. With no surprise, Paige noticed how nervous Tyler became when he began speed walking to the boardwalk, leaving his parents and Paige behind. Once she finally caught up to him and stepped onto the boardwalk, a beautiful sunset cloaked the sky.

Typical Paige couldn’t stop snapping photos of the sunset to put on her Insta story. Tyler literally had to snatch her phone away to grab her attention. Paige then turned around and questioned why his parents were taking photos of them. The next thing she knew, Tyler was down on one knee saying, “I brought you here to ask you something . . . Will you marry me?”

Paige’s dream of being surprised came true. With fishing line exploding everywhere, Paige blurted out, “yes!” Honestly, who knows how long it took to unknot the string and free the ring. Paige could not stop laughing at the disorderly process to get that diamond on her hand. After what seemed like forever, Paige grabbed the ring, slid it on her finger and smooched the heck out of her groom!

The coast of Carolina Beach and the sunset by Kure Beach’s boardwalk was a place of instant memories and celebration. So there was no question as to where they would get their engagement photos taken. That special place is not just a walk down memory lane, but a step forward into a marriage of honor and loyalty. I am so thankful to have witnessed the adoration they share for one another at the exact spot their new chapter began.


Paige + Tyler’s Engagement Story