I have crazy dreams. It’s no secret. My mom once told me that I should write them down every morning because they are always so strange and amusing. I’ve never actually done it until this morning.

I had a dream last night that I met Jesus. He didn’t look like I had expected Him to look. Actually, He was dressed in a leather jacket which was a bit amusing.

In the dream, I had cords intertwined around my feet while I was trying to handle a life crisis that affected my sister and mother and my well-being. I was physically and mentally tangled. I was anxious and stressed out.

A whisper reminded me to literally fall to my knees in prayer. I hoped and tried to expect the presence of Jesus as I collapsed to my knees as the words flooded out of my mouth. With tears streaming down my face, I saw a door. The door had light streaming through the cracks. As I turned, I was shaken by the King Himself. He was just sitting in front of me. He was calm and peaceful. All He did was ask how I was doing. I could barely make words. I was crying out of excitement, hope, sadness, anxiety, and every feeling there ever was. He just sat there and listened, taking in each emotion. He let me cry. He let me speak words that barely left my lips. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He seemed thankful that I trusted him enough to confess and express everything that was boiling inside of me.

Then He was gone. I looked back at the door. Goosebumps bubbled on my skin. The light still shone through the cracks. I was okay. I was no longer tangled in cords. I got through the moment of crisis that involved my mom and sister. I woke up.

I have never had a dream like the one from last night. Similar to every dream, there are details that I can’t pinpoint or have the ability to explain. If I tried, you would think I was on crack. It is all too complex for me to explain. The details of my dreams surpass all of my understanding. Just like the impression of Jesus. Humans are not capable of fully understanding the concept of God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit.

God is greater than we can understand. His years cannot be counted. – Job 36:26

This dream taught me that even when I am stuck in a place where I can’t find my bearings and life seems to throw things my way that I can’t seem to catch, Jesus is there waiting for me to cry out. I knew Jesus was near. He always is. I knew that even a whisper from Him would bring me comfort. But, I was nervous. I fear God as we are told to fear Him.

Fear God and obey his commands, for this is everyone’s duty. – Ecclesiastes 12:13

I didn’t know how Jesus would handle me in my state of mind. But the world seemed to suffocate me in my dream and my anxiety (which I’m convinced is from the devil) overwhelmed me. After I confessed my emotions and asked for Jesus to appear and show Himself to help me through, I saw the light. The door opened and he appeared. Clear as day. He comforted me. Guided me to trust him. Gave me peace. Bestowed upon me comfort and strength. Then, He left my sight. That’s all I needed. The Holy Spirit told me that I was going to be okay. The cords were broken and I was set free. The world didn’t end. I was reassured that even though I couldn’t see Jesus or feel Him, He was still there. I just had to let go of my distractions and confess it all to Him. He showed up and when He left my view, it was evident that He was near.

So let me tell you something. Even when the door seems glued shut, the Light will still shine through the cracks. That glimmer is all you need to know that Jesus is real. He is alive and well. He will protect you.


when dreaming, I saw Jesus