St. Louis Wedding Photographer. Every wedding photographer is different and that means we all have our favorite parts of the wedding day. For me, I love getting to hang out with all of the groomsmen, especially when they have big personalities. We do all types of crazy things and laugh and joke as we take pictures. The guys don’t always get as much attention on the wedding day, so I make sure they can relax and be themselves. 

Colorado Wedding Photographer. There are so many parts of the wedding day that I love, because there are so many special moments that happen during the day! One of my favorite parts of the wedding day is after the bride has gotten into her dress with the help of her mom and her bridesmaids and we take a few moments to take some bridal portraits. I love these moments because normally the bride tells me she has butterflies in her stomach and is so excited to marry the love of her life! I love capturing this moment of excitement and anticipation right before she sees her groom!  I also love taking these photos knowing that hopefully one day this bride will show her daughter, and even her granddaughter these timeless portraits from her wedding day! They can look back and see the love, strength, and beauty their grandmother always had!

Wedding Photographer in Vancouver. As a Vancouver wedding photographer, I enjoy capturing genuine reactions of my couple and the wedding guests. It becomes my favorite part of the wedding when I manage to catch these precious moments. During an Indian wedding ceremony, for example, I love it when couples get a short moment to look at each other and smile. It usually last seconds and you have to be there to capture it!

Boulder Wedding Photographer. My favorite part of every wedding day is watching the couple see each other for the first time. It could be part of a first look, walking down the aisle, or something else entirely. Regardless of the context I absolutely adore watching their faces light up the first time they see each other. The day is about these two people getting married – the most important thing is their relationship. This is the most pure and beautiful moment I can capture or witness. Sometimes there’s tears, sometimes laughter. No matter what it’s sure to be as genuine as it gets.

I would love to capture all your favorite wedding moments!! Charlotte Wedding Photography, Stephanie Bailey Photography

Photographer’s favorite part of the wedding day!